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Guy's Euro 2004 Football Quiz 

If you are ready to order my football ebook, with over 100 multiple choice questions for $ 5.75 then click here.

If you just want the 15 sample questions then click here.

What you get in my football quiz ebook is:

  • Quiz 1 - The 15 questions in the sample ebook
  • Quiz 2 - 40 Medium difficult questions
  • Quiz 3 - 50 Slightly harder Euro Football questions.

All for $ 5.95

All the questions are about the International European Football Competitions.  These 12 soccer tournaments have been held across Europe from 1960 up to the present tournament in Portugal 2004. 

The quiz format is multiple choice and naturally the answers are supplied!  Topics include qualification for this year's Euro finals, interesting football events of the 11 previous International European Cups.  Can you remember what happened in Euro 2000?  I will test you!  There are also a handful of general questions about the rules of football and the countries taking part.

Wherever possible I have tried to make the questions reasoning rather than pure football facts.  Take for instance the question: 'Who were runners-up in the 1960 European Nations Cup?' , If you think about it, Latvia are unlikely to have qualified, as they were still a satellite of the mighty USSR at the time.   Also in 1960 Croatia was still part of the Yugoslavian soccer organization.   My point is you could rule out Latvia, and Croatia by logic alone.  (The answer was Yugoslavia if you were wondering.)

The main ebook contains the questions in Word format.  I designed the ebook so that you can print out the soccer questions and your friends knowledge.  Another bonus of this arrangement is that you can cut and paste the 100+ question bank to make up your own football quizzes.  For instance you could select questions just on Finals, or just on qualifying in Euro 2000.

The ebook also contains most of the pages from this soccer site. I designed the ebook to act as a football study guide so that if you wished, you could give the ebook to boys and girls so they could work out the answers.

If you would like to try the full ebook with 100+ football questions with Word files: Click here to order the full ebook for $5.75

Purchase Product


Note to Mac users: you should be able to open the Word documents but you will NOT be able to use the ebook.

If you would like to try a sample batch of 15 questions then click here. Mac users note again: the ebook will not compile on Apple Macs.  click here.


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