'Mobi' Sub-site for Mobile Phone / Cell Phones

URI for Will and Guy's Humor on a Mobi / Cell Phone

Here is our URI* to type into your mobile phone / cell phone sub-site http://guy-sports.com/mobi/

Our plan is for you to see our clean jokes on a mobile phone or cell phone.  Many of the modern handheld phones will also be able to display our funny pictures on their little screens.

*URI = (Universal Resource Identifier) Mobile Phone Ear


How we connected to our own website using a Nokia phone.

1) Guy contacted his network provider who happily provided an internet access for free.  No surprise here as they earn money by charging 5 cents or 10p a minute for the connection.  In fact, I was able to convert / upgrade my phone from pure voice to a 'WAP' phone, just by ticking a box in my online account settings.  However, every phone carrier / supplier will have a different sytem to setup their internet service.

2) When our phone connected to the internet (magic moment) I chose the bookmark option and created an alias for http://guy-sports.com/mobi/  Your 'WAP' phone may add the http:// automatically.

Our Web Design Point of View

For a website designer, the variation in handsets provides interesting challenges for producing readable material.  Will and Guy are novices in this world of cell phone / mobile web access.  We are keen to tell you all that we know, and to invite suggestions for better code for our 'mobi' web pages. 

Behind the Scenes

The biggest difference between a phone and a desktop is that the handset has no IE6, IE7, or Mozilla browser; consequently, the web server has to do all the work normally performed on the desktop computer.  We have chosen the PHP script language to instruct the server to deliver our (X)HTML code into readable jokes and funny pictures. 

If you are interested, here is the code in our headers.  The fact that handheld phone has to pick up all its formatting clues from the server means that we have to start with a DOCTYPE statement declaring that this is a page for a mobile phone.


<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">



<?php echo'
<h1> Jokes</h1>
<p> Lots of funny stuff</p>


Because the server has to execute these coded instructions, we need to give all the files in our mobi/ folder a .php file extension.  In between <?php and ?> is the regular html with jokes or the href to the img files.


Any suggestions for delivering a better 'mobi' service will be gratefully received.  For example how:

  • Do we get our site into your mobile phone / cell phone directory?
  • Should we write better php code?
  • Can we improve the length of our pages?  (Are they presently too short?)
  • Is it possible to finesse the navigation around our 'mobi' site?

Here is where you find our mobile phone / cell phone site:

sub-site http://guy-sports.com/mobi/

Contact Guy Thomas send me your joke or funny picture.

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