Pictures That Interest Will and Guy

Pictures that Will and Guy think are interesting

I call this section our pure pictures.  These images are more thought provoking than belly laugh.  View them and gain a moment of peace or inspiration.

You don't stop laughing because you grow old.
You grow old because you stop laughing.   Michael Pritchard

Sunset from SpaceSunset from Space Photograph
See see earth from space with satellite photographyPicture of Grand Canyon Skywalk

Lightning Pictures.  Fork and Bolt Lightning

Grand Canyon - Spectacular view, stunning photograph
Grand Canyon Skywalk 

high-speed photoThis image is just beautiful.
See more high resolution photos here

What do you make of Will's secret of good health?Funny picture of splashing class mates
Is his glass big enough for you?

We are sure that one of these pictures of road signs will make you laugh.Funny road sign
Photos showing car humour at its best

Check out one of the most thought provoking of our pictures. Funny cat and dog picture
Click on the thumbnail  Cat and Dogs

Evocative photos of Snowman - let your imagination run wild.Snowman Melting Funny Image
Check out this photo of a Snowmen party

Popular light hearted fun.  Joke pictures of male and female brains
Classic gender stereotypes

This is how Guy and Will would organize the OlympicsFunny Picture of new Olymics Images
Surely there is an Olympic event here for you?

A beautiful Orchid rises like Lazarus from the dead
Large clear photographs of orchid flowers

Fun photos of pavement artist Julian Beeverpictures
See the impressive, jokes and illusions

A boy sees a Ferrari.  Amusing car photo sequence.  (No preview available)


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