Poor Cats - With a Happy Ending

Will and Guy's Funny Pictures

1) Poor Cat.  What happens when:

1) You have nothing to do

2) You own a sharp knife

3) You have a large lime

4) You own a patient cat

5) You drink too much tequila

Will and Guy's funny pictures - Cat and Tequila

2) Meanwhile - A Cat in Bliss

I wonder what this cat is dreaming of?

Funny cat picture dreaming

This picture makes me sleepy.  Even if I just look at the penguins in the background I to start day dream.


3) Guy Loves Happy Endings

Cat found after six years

A cat has been reunited with it's owner after six years.
Colin the tomcat vanished from Emma Phillips' home in Barkingside, Essex, in 1999.
Colin lived as a stray until a woman handed him to pet rescue charity the PDSA.
A microchip was found in his neck and Emma was called.
Emma recognised him straight away: 'He had a rip in his ear and black dots on his face.'
Report from The Sun newspaper

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