Food For Valentine's Day - Fun Pictures

Food For Valentine's Day - Fun Pictures  Food For Valentine's Day - Fun Pictures

Here is Will and Guy's collection of heart pictures for Valentines.  We feature animal vegetable and mineral examples of this most romantic symbol.

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Valentine Egg

We have heard of Easter eggs, but this is the first time we have seen a Valentine egg.

Valentine Egg

Valentine Raspberry

What would you think if your girlfriend gave you a Valentine raspberry tart?

Amusing Valentine Raspberry

It all depends on whether she followed it with a heart shaped mouse ...... or a melon?Valentine MelonAmusing Valentine Raspberry


More Pictures of Food For Valentine's DayValentine Mouse

Not One, But Two Valentine Strawberries

Valentine Strawberries

Will's Favourite Dessert on Valentine's Day: Crème Brulée

Valentine Heart Creme Brulee

Washed Down With a Cup of Coffee

Valentine Coffee 

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Chocolate Valentine HeartInteresting Chocolate Facts

Picture of Valentines Heart

Chocolate - On Parade

First soldier: 'Pass me the chocolate pudding, would you?'
Second soldier: 'Certainly not.'

First soldier: 'Why not?'
Second soldier: 'Because it's against regulations to help another soldier to dessert.'

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We Nearly Forget the Valentine Vegetables

Amusing Valentine's Day Potato Heart

Amusing Valentine Love Token


Hot Stuff - Valentine PepperValentine Food


Here is a red heart in a green pepper, just right for February 14th.

Bacon Roses

Bacon Roses

When she wants flowers and you want a snack

Problem Solved - Bacon Roses


Valentine Pizza PepperoniPizza Heart - Valentine Food

Valentine Pizza Pepperoni 

Please send us your food for Valentine's Day.

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