Funny Wet Cats  - Why Cats Hate Bathing

Funny Wet Cats - Why Cats Hate Bathing

Before you look at these cat pictures, you have to believe that Will really loves his cats.

Why did you put me in the bath?

Funny Wet Cats - Why bath 

Funny wet cat says:  'That really wasn't very pleasant'

Wet Cat - Why bath

* Will really loves his cats


What Do I look Like?  Cat's Eyes - Spooky

Wet Cats - What do I look like?

Even when I'm soggy, I can do tricks

Wet Cats - What do I look like?

Will and Guy have prepared a selection of photos showing very wet cats

PowerPoint Presentation Featuring - The Funny Wet Cats


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Will and Guy

Why Cats Hate Bathing: Slides

  • Why did you put me in the bath?
  • That really wasn't very pleasant
  • You wait until I get out of here
  • I think I'll hide behind this tap
  • Oh dear - whatever do I look like?
  • Even when I'm soggy, I can do tricks
  • Let me out, please
  • Only the feelings of these cats were hurt during the making of this presentation

Cats Swimming - Just Being CatsCat Swimming

It is not strictly true to say that all cats dislike water, or more accurately: swimming or bathing in water.

Many cats: tigers, lions, jaguars, ocelots, and jaguarondi [weasel cat] who frequent hot climates are particularly partial to a dip in a pond, stream or river. Cats are natural swimmers in the wild, and Asian varieties have been known to fish in rivers and lakes. Cats bred near Lake Van in Turkey are raised around the water; the breed [The Turkish Van] has an affinity for water, and really likes to swim. An old breed, this cat has been a household pet for centuries. Its water prowess is well known in Turkey, where they been known to swim into the harbour to greet the arriving fishing boats.

However, cats from colder regions avoid water as much as possible. Snow leopards, lynx, bobcats, and cougars for example have little interest in getting wet. It has been said that if a cat has wet fur it can damage the ability of the cat's fur to insulate the animal against the cold.

Most domestic cats, however, dislike getting wet. They do not enjoy water sports and if bathed, become upset. The emphasis here is on most cats because some domestic animals will tolerate water if they are accustomed to bathing or showering.

Will and Guy have gathered together some photos of 'wet cats' and created a presentation for your enjoyment. We emphasise that no cats were hurt in the making of the PPT; only their feelings were affected.

Cat and Dog


Cat and dog swimming

Will and Guy just love a happy ending:

Cat and dog happy ending

Delightful Story of A Swimming Cat - Tale of A Soggy MoggySoggy moggy - Story of a wet cat

As if to confirm Will and Guy's assertion that some cats enjoy the water we have discovered that a cat in China has overcome its fear of water to become the newest and most well known member of its local winter swimming club.

The black cat apparently has no name but has become a celebrity among the 200 members of the 'Changjiang River Winter Swimming Club' in Chongqing. We have learned that it swims at least fifty metres every day in the cold, wide and, judging from the photo, rather murky river.

Club member, Sang Changjiang, commented that the cat had been swimming now with the club for four months, even though it's only six months old. It's talent for swimming was discovered one afternoon when a club member accidentally knocked the cat into the river when diving into the water from a boat.
'We knew the cat was terrified of water and thought it might drown in the swirling river; but it swam furiously to get close to the boat and was rescued,' commented Sang.

From then on, club members always took the cat swimming with them, and after only ten days it could swim by itself without assistance.

'Each afternoon around 4 o'clock, we would take it to swim and it has become part of its daily life,' added Sang. After its daily dip, the wet cat licks itself dry then falls asleep on a sofa on the boat, owned by a club member, which is its home.


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