Funny Stones

Will and Guy Bring You Funny Stones

Stones comes in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colours, we are building a collection of funny stones.

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A Funny Peculiar Stone

Ever since we heard that this stone was valued at 10 million Yuan [$1,300,000 USD] Will and Guy have started getting out a bit more.

Hairy Stone

The stone, exhibited at the 3rd China (International) Treasure Stone Exhibition, is 30 cm long and has 15cm strands of white hair.  Experts believe that the funny white hair is really the remains of a fungus or lichen which grew on the stone.


Will and Guy Leave No Stone Unturned

Leave No Stone Unturned

Above - Guy looks under stone

No Stone Unturned

Above, and below, Will is searching for more valuable hairy stones.

Giants play catch with stones

but unfortunately Will hadn't seen that Guy's green car was below................

Will and Guy Practice Catch with Boulder

Giants play catch with stonesFunny Rolling Stones

Guy's Weather Forecasting Stone

Guy's Weather Forcasting StoneFunny stone throwing sign

Funny Stone Throwing Sign


Stupid Stone Throwing

Will and Guy wondered why you needed such signs, then we saw this stupid boy throwing stones.

Funny stone - stupid boy

To see what we mean, check out the stone throwing video here.

A New Meaning To - 'The Driver Was Stoned'

 Stone lorryStone lorry

It is best to remember what load you are carrying before braking fiercely


The Blarney StoneFunny Stones - Blarney

The Blarney Stone itself is found in the village of the same, Blarney, County Cork, Ireland.  Officially, its called the 'Stone of Eloquence'.

Anyone kissing the Blarney Stone magically acquires the gift of gab, eloquence or skill at flattery.  However, for anyone wanting to kiss the 'Blarney Stone' this is not a trivial task.  Kissing this funny stone is a team effort.  The kisser lays down and lowers his body backwards into the chasm whilst holding a support bar, and a friend sits on his legs to keep him anchored firmly to the floor.

In ancient times pilgrims were hung over the parapet by their feet and lowered so they could kiss the stone.

The word 'blarney' has entered common parlance meaning clever bluster, or coaxing someone to do what you want. 

Funny Blarney Story

A group of tourists were touring Ireland. One of the women in the group was a real moaner, always complaining. The bus seats were uncomfortable or the food was terrible; it was either too hot, or it's too cold; the accommodations was awful. Will and Guy are sure you know the score.

The group arrived at the site of the famous Blarney Stone in County Cork.

'Good luck will be following you all your days, if you kiss the Blarney Stone,' the guide said. 'Unfortunately, it's being cleaned today and so no one will be able to kiss it. Perhaps we can come back tomorrow.'

'We can't be here tomorrow,' the nasty curmudgeonly woman shouted. 'We have some other boring tour to go on. So I guess we can' t kiss the stupid stone.'

'Well now,' the guide said patiently, 'it is said that if you kiss someone who has kissed the stone, you'll have the same good fortune.'

'And I suppose you've kissed the stone?' the woman scoffed rudely.
'No, ma'am,' the frustrated guide said, 'but I have sat on it.' Funny stones - Giant's Causeway

Ireland Has Even Funnier Stones - The Giant's Causeway

While the Blarney stone will always have an element of mirth; the stones of the Giant's Causeway are like nothing else on earth.  You can tread on these polygonal columns of layered basalt on the beautiful northern coast of County Antrim. 

The Giant's Causeway is the result of a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago. It is the focal point of a designated area of outstanding natural beauty and has attracted visitors for centuries. It harbours a wealth of local and natural history.

For more details of these peculiar stones, see the Giant's Causeway site

Incidentally, the famous Bushmills Irish whiskey distillery is close-by.  And after an awe-inspiring tramp over the Giant, Bushmills is well worth a visit say Will and Guy.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, EnglandFunny Peculiar Stonehenge

 Stonehenge is probably one of the top ten most recognisable monuments in the world. The 5,000 year old henge monument became a World Heritage Site in 1986 and is managed by English Heritage. Despite years of research and study the reason behind the construction of Stonehenge remains a mystery.

Further information  about these ancient stones may be found at the Stonehenge site

The Avebury Circle, Wiltshire, England


Avebury is the largest stone circle in the world: it is 427m (1401ft) in diameter covers an area of some 28 acres. Although not so immediately impressive as Stonehenge, it is an extraordinary site formed by a huge circular bank (a mile round), a massive ditch now only a half its original depth, and a great ring of 98 sarsen slabs enclosing two smaller circles of 30 stones each and other settings and arrangements of stones.

The Avebury Circle is thought to have been built before Stonehenge. The great enclosure earthwork was formed by a bank and large inner ditch - the circumference measures 1.3km. The Sarsens used are local unworked stones selected for their shape, some weighing as much as 40 tons. To learn more try the Avebury Stone Circle website.

Ducks and Drakes - Record 51 hopsPeculiar Stone - Avebury

A Strange Stone Flower Appears in China

Villagers in China are flocking to see a giant stone flower which they believe appeared in the woods after heavy rainfall.A Strange Flower Stone

Forestry rangers in Meilan village, Jinfeng town, China, say an elderly villager found the stone flower a month ago when he was collecting firewood deep in the forest. The village head-man, Ran Zaizhong, says the site used to be buried by soil and forest until heavy rain caused a landslide and made the stone flower suddenly appear.

A friend who is a geologist has suggested to Will and Guy that the so-called petals are most likely to be 300 million-year-old chert nodules.

Skipping Stones - Ducks and Drakes

Ducks and Drakes - Record 51 hops

Here is a good game that everyone can play - skipping stones.  Will and Guy love bouncing smooth flat stones  See more stone skipping.

Simeon Ellerton [1702-99]Eccentric Man

Simeon Ellerton was an 18th century example of English eccentricity.  The first thing we know about him is that he was a fitness fanatic.

He enjoyed walking long distances, sometimes, for example, from Durham in the north-east of England to London. He was regularly employed to carry out errands or act as a courier for the locals.

On his many frequent journeys he would gather up stones from the roadside and carry them on his head. His aim was to gather sufficient stones to build his own house.  Eventually he had enough stones and he made a little cottage for himself.

However, the downside of this extraordinary behaviour was that having spent so many years carrying extra weight, he felt uncomfortable without it, so for the rest of his life he walked around with a bag of stones on his head.


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