Really Funny Surnames

Really Funny Surnames

Many "old" British surnames have been disappearing in recent years; names which have been used for generations are being lost.  We think the reason maybe that in modern times people have become increasingly embarrassed to hold "funny" and unusual names that may make other people laugh.

Last names like: Cock, Daft, Death, Smellie, Gotobed, Shufflebottom, Willy, Nutters, Piggs and Jelly have declined seriously in the past century or so.  We imagine that these people have changed their names to something innocuous.

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Seven Really Funny Surnames

  • Cock - denoted cockerel-like pride
  • Daft - this meant meek and mild natured in medieval times.
  • Death or De'Ath
  • Smellie - Will knew a Mr Smellie in his childhood. The man insisted on being called Mr Smeelie. Regretfully, Will and his friends used to giggle at him.
  • Shufflebottom - most '-bottoms' came from the bottom of a valley.
  • Dungworth
  • Gotobed

A Real Life Surname Dilemma

I got married 2 weeks ago and I can't decide on a surname.  My surname is Pegg and my husband's surname is Legg. 

We have 4 children between us (two Pegg's and two Legg's) and because we dont want to change their names, we were thinking about hyphenating ours to Pegg-Legg.  Only problem is that we can't say it with a straight face.

Alexa Pegg.

Unusual and Occasionally Funny Surnames:

  • Piggs
  • Nutters
  • Jelly
  • Demon
  • Clutterbuck
  • Greedy
  • Hardmeat
  • Hogwood
  • Hiscock
  • Steer
  • Bracegirdle
  • Bonefat
  • Turtle
  • Cornfoot
  • Rattlebag
  • Bottom
  • Pigfat
  • Willy

If you think that these names are acceptable and non-problematic then consider the problem faced by Matt Hitchcock, whom computer giant Microsoft banned from opening an email account in 2002, deeming his surname too rude.  Will and Guy hope they have come to their senses by now.

We suspect that you will be able to add to our list; if so, please send in your funny names.

Amy Freeze - Meteorologist (WABC-New York)

Top 10 Funny Last Name, First Name Combinations


Will and Guy's Top Ten Funny, Silly and Downright Inconsiderate Names, this selection makes us laugh:

  1. Carrie Oakey - karaoke
  2. Terry Bill - Will's friend from Portchester, England
  3. Barb Dwyer - barbed wire
  4. Stan Still - stand still as in an Army Sergeant-Major: 'Stand still you 'orrible little man.'
  5. Annette Kirton - a net curtain
  6. Theresa Green or Brown
  7. Justin Case
  8. Norman Knight - a friend of Will and Guy's.
  9. Rick O'Shea - as in "ricochet" of a bullet
  10. Seymour Legg - see more leg...................
  11. Ray Gunn came very close to inclusion in this top ten - just Jo King.

Name You Couldn't Make Up

I heard of a lady in Southampton many years ago who visited an establishment with her young son, who tripped on the "Welcome" mat. "Pick youself up, Orson!" she called, and the lad did so.

On filling out her registration form, the secretary could'nt help a stifled laugh when she noticed that her surname was Carte!

[Kindly sent in by Trevor Warland]

My surname is Godbehere.  It is pronounced exactly the same way it looks (God be here) and is a relatively rare surname which originates from Yorkshire, England. It comes from the old Germanic name Godeberht meaning God Bright.

It can be very funny if your first name is May or Will!

[Kindly sent in by Emily]

Bungay Football Match

In 2012 a football match took place where all the players were called Bungay.

It's true all 22 players, the referee, linesmen and reserves shared the same name of Bungay has taken place in the town of Bungay in Suffolk. Bungay is one of Britain's rarest names with only 455 people called Bungay in the country - just 12 people per million.  See more about this epic match.

More Possibilities for Really Funny Surnames

Women with an ordinary first name could marry a man with a tricky surname.  For example, Annette Brown marries Joe Curtain (Kirton) and becomes A Net Curtain. 

Ten More Silly Names

  1. Simon Swindells
  2. Doug Hole
  3. Rose Bush
  4. Daisy Picking
  5. Pearl Button
  6. Penny Bunn
  7. Dawn Hobbs
  8. Anna Prentice
  9. Anna Sasin
  10. Priti Manek (There is always one combination that Guy does not get, Will says 'Guy, it's Pretty Manic')

Sent in by a reader who went to school with - Dinah Drain!


Funny First Names for Girls and Boys

You may have to work on deciphering the problem with one or two of the names. 

Girls Names

Boys Names

 Either Gender

  • Kimberley Mine
  • Cammie Sole
  • Teresa Green
  • Nora Bone
  • Dee Zaster
  • Rosie Peach
  • Ima Kettle
  • Hazel Nutt
  • Annette Kirton
  • Jonah Wales
  • Dan Druff
  • Sean Head
  • Phil Hole
  • Dwayne Pipe
  • Norman Knight
  • Doug Graves
  • Justin Tune
  • Lowden Clear
  • Brooke Waters
  • Sandy Shaw
  • Rusty Nails
  • Robin Plunder
  • Terri Bull
  • Woody Bush
  • Chris Cross
  • Jo King

See more funny names


Funny Surname Survey - Results Revealed

The funniest names in Britain have been revealed in a new and recent study and include Terry Bull. Interestingly, Will and Guy have a friend, who lives in Portchester, named Terry Bill who has suffered all his life from Mickey taking.

A former Royal Air Force man, Stan Still, 76, was also named along with Barb Dwyer, Max Power, Justin Case, Mary Christmas and Paige Turner, we can report. Stan Still, from, Cirencester, Wiltshire, England commented, 'When I was in the RAF my commanding officer used to shout "Stan Still! Get a move on" and roll about laughing. It got hugely boring. My name has been a blooming millstone around my neck.'

The study also unveiled wacky names in the USA, including Carrie Oakey, Annette Curtain, a dentist called Les Plack and a doctor called Sumey.

A spokesman for the site which compiled the study, told us, 'Parents need to think carefully when choosing names for their children. What's quirky and fun for a toddler might be regretted when the person is older.'

Amy Freeze - Meteorologist (WABC-New York)

Another batch of funny surnames.

Funny Christian Name / Surname Combinations

Video from a school in New Zealand, kindly sent in by Rod Theobald


Strange Decline of "Rude" British Surnames

Recent research carried out by Professor Richard Webber [King's College, London] has brought to light an interesting and puzzling conundrum say Will and Guy.

It has been noticed that many "old" British surnames have been disappearing in recent years; old names which have been used for generations are being lost. We think the reason maybe that in modern times people have become increasingly embarrassed to hold "funny" and unusual names that may make other people laugh.

Names like: Cock, Daft, Death, Smellie, Gotobed, Shufflebottom, Willy, Nutters, Piggs and Jelly have declined seriously in the past century or so. We imagine that these people have changed their names to something innocuous.

The 2008 population, when compared to that in 1881 [using Census figures], shows that the number of Cocks has shrunk by 75%, while the number of people called Balls or Daft has fallen by more than 50%.

Apparently, the fastest-growing surname in Britain is Zhang, which has grown from 123 in 1996 to 5,804 in 2008. It is closely followed by four other Chinese names: Wang, Yang, Huang and Lin; only after that do a couple of African names get a look in: Moyo and Dube.

Some things have not changed, however. In 1881 the most popular surnames were, in order, Smith, Jones, Williams, Brown, Taylor, Davies, Wilson, Evans and Thomas; those top nine names are still in the exactly the same order of popularity today.

What's in a Name - Latest Research


Studies by Richard Wiseman and others have shown that pupils with 'successful' names get higher marks, and succeed in school, compared with those with 'unsuccessful' names.   Will and Guy say that while such psychology probably is true, it needs to be put into context.  For example, in Wales (home of Dylan Thomas), Dylan would be a normal name.  But if Dylan moved to England they may call him Dull'un.

Nevertheless, in a large survey trends may be significant, for instance, Jack, James and Ryan are good, successful names for boys, and Lucy, Elizabeth and Sophie for girls.  However, Brian, Thomas and George were not highly rated by this survey, neither were Lucy, Tracey or Ann.

Another factor is age.  Names that are popular in one era, sound old-fashioned two generations later, for example, Florrie, Agnes and Constance would seem like unfortunate children's names in 2008.

Funny Name Change Funny Names

A Somerset teenager, George Garratt, aged 19, has changed his name to Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined. The music graduate changed his name by deed poll online for £10 [$16 USD] Will and guy have established. Captain Fantastic told reporters, 'I wanted to be unique. I decided upon a theme of superheroes.'

The teenager, from Glastonbury, Somerset, England, added that while he thought the new name was 'crazy', and that his grandmother was no longer speaking to him. Why are we not surprised?

Please send us your examples of really funny surnames.

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